EE-746 Female Public Toilet Hidden Camera PART-4

EE-746 Public toilet hidden camera: women jumping inside the toilet and popping the cork of urine champagne.

Women running dashingly through the city. As soon as I entered the public restroom, I took off my pants and sat down in front of the toilet. At that moment, the urine that was already leaking out came out all at once, as if the cork of champagne had been pulled out. The force of the urine was so great that the urine flowed over the top of the toilet bowl. In a panic, the women noticed the turbulent urine soaking the floor and desperately tried to correct course by trying to get it into the toilet bowl, but it was already too late, and when the urine ran out, what remained in the public toilet was a soaking wet toilet bowl. It was a hideous situation with a floor soaked with urine.



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