EE-734 Schoolgirls Wearing Erotic Underwear Pee Spy Cam PART-4

EE-734 Schoolgirls wearing erotic underwear: laser like pee strikes from the sexy open shorts!

This work is a collection of selected “sexy schoolgirls in open shorts” urinating. Even when they go to school or in class, they look innocent, but they wear erotic underwear under their skirts that they can’t show to anyone, and enjoy their sense of immorality. When I entered the toilet and straddled the toilet bowl, a tremendous force of urine was jetted from between the opened shorts and slammed into the toilet bowl. The ferocious pee that stretched straight to the bottom of the toilet bowl was exactly a “laser beam” that could be called a torrent. I want to look like an adult, but the powerful pee that is released from the open shorts of cute schoolgirls is impressive.



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