SL-602 Female Student Peeing in Males Toilet Spy Cam PART-1

SL-602 Female student with the urge to urinate, had to peeing in males staff toilet.

Emergency. It drives people insane. The urge to urinate is probably one of the most popular emergencies that occur on a daily basis. As soon as the chime rang, I dashed through the school with a full bladder, but all the restrooms were full. As if to mock the flustered female students, their urge to urinate suddenly increased, and their actions… Perhaps she decided that it was better than leaking the information, so she opened the door to the male teacher’s bathroom. She is perplexed by seeing a standing urinal for the first time, but when she pees right at the exit, she pulls down her panties and the precum gushes out like a hose. Although each girl should have no experience, the way she slams herself against the toilet bowl is just as exciting. The urine that spilled from the toilet had a sweet and sour youthful scent.



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