SL-547 Japan Girls Peeing in Taxis PART-1

SL-547 Unscrupulous taxi driver and pee incidents with various miserable girls. VOL. 3

Busy office ladies engaged in external sales, hurried female college students, and those with a penchant for swift arrivals often receive dubious advice from some taxi drivers advocating the use of expressways. As the air conditioner relentlessly blasts in the car, and the restroom seems like an unreachable destination, the growing need to relieve themselves becomes increasingly challenging.

Within the speeding vehicle, some passengers anxiously request an acceleration, while others desperately plead for the next exit. However, the unwavering speed instills a sense of skepticism. Eventually, the urgency reaches a critical point, just shy of the urethral opening. Attempting to withhold the inevitable, they succumb to unforeseen circumstances, and at the reflexive shift of their pants, the dam breaks, resulting in a forceful release.



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