EE-764 Japan School Girls Line Up and Pee PART-2

EE-764 Hidden camera inside high school. Girls line up and pee.

Hidden cameras are placed throughout the school. The video showed all the students in the school, and also captured the movements of the female students in each grade and class who had the urge to urinate. Students who attend class while staring at the hands of the clock, students who hurry to change their clothes after PE, students who are late and get scolded by the instructor at the back door, and even though they are in different places, they all have one heart. “I want to go to the bathroom quickly!” As if everyone’s wish had come true, a blessing bell rang throughout the school. The girls, who were on the verge of exploding with pee, rushed down the hallway and up the stairs to gather at the toilet as if being led. But that was the beginning of the ordeal! Although she despairs over the long and endless line, she can’t give up and moves forward step by step, listening to the sounds of the students in front of her urinating heavily. Those who finished left the toilet with excited expressions, and those who were left endured with agony expressions. It’s truly heaven and hell. Please take a look at the chain of joy and sadness of female students who are at the mercy of urine.



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