[JG-207] Outdoors Pooping and Pee Japan Gilrs

[JG-207] Posting a self-portrait Open defecation record

Self-portraits of general women sent from amateur maniac video collectors, posting recruitment sites, and personal postings on our group related sites
It is a series work that carefully selected and edited real amateur images. This series, which is also popular on ego labels, is the 15th! This time, we will see women peeing and pooping in the public and public outdoors.
I’m taking a selfie. Completely amateur housewives who pull out a single squirrel in the parking lot near their home and beautiful women who cross pee like a fountain in a pair
Women who know the consciousness being watched through the camera and the excitement of being watched by an unspecified number of people are guerrilla-like revealing their exposure and excretion outside!

[JG-207] 自画撮り投稿 野外排泄記録 FILE.15


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