HJ-037 Urination rush! Office Japanese Ladies

HJ-037 Urination rush! Office Japanese Ladies ripping their pantyhoes in the urge to piss.

This work of a popular series in which beautiful office ladies who do their jobs rush into the toilet and break the pantyhose vigorously and urinate. They lost the timing to go to the bathroom because they were busy with work, and when they noticed that their bladder was swollen and reached the maximum urge to urinate, they threw their work into the bathroom with a painful expression that seemed to leak at any moment.
As soon as I ran into the toilet, I tried to lower the pantyhose, but I was upset by too much urination and I could not take it off well! Pissing in agony! A woman who stands up without hanging up the phone from her boss. She is a woman who gets her panties and her hands wet in time. Various accidents caused by urination, such as a woman who will soon break a new pantyhose that she just wore! I would like you to enjoy the contrast between the faint expression of beautiful office ladies and large urination.



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