Foxy Di Pack – FanCentro Freeleech!

Foxy Di Pack – FanCentro Freeleech!

Contains 118 videos – all solo, including masturbation with her hand, a big purple dildo, some other dildos and vibrators, some anal fingering, anal dildo, teasing, and then the usual cam stuff like dancing, posing, and modeling. She brings herself to orgasm a lot. Also included are a few “music video” clips starring her as “Foxy DJ”. All of the clips are very candid, there are a few that are uncut versions of others, showing her rearranging herself and trying to make a good video. The pictures are very random, some just screenshots of videos, some look like modeling photos. I included everything that I found, whether it was good or not — it’s still hot.
The filenames are disorganized, but I couldn’t bother renaming all of them. I think most of them actually state the resolution, but there are no guarantees.

Foxy Di has deleted her FanCentro account since these videos were saved, unfortunately. Not sure what else remains on the internet of her.

Good to see you here! If you don’t know yet, I’m Foxy Di!
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