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Cast: Latin Bitch Bossy Delilah (aka TheOnlyScatQueenDelilah), Mistress T, Mistress Tangent, An Li, Lady Pyne, Rebeca Linares, Stupid Slaves & Others

Bossy Delilah is a New York City native with Spicy Puerto Rican & Persian roots. Based in Atlanta, GA, I frequently travel to Los Angeles and New York to dominate my subjects and punish when necessary. I am an International and Universal Boss. My Bossy’s attitude will tame you when you disobey.

For over 24 years, I have trained men to serve me as I command. My persona, my confidence, and beauty are the ingredients that ensure naughty men do what I want, when I want. These are the facts; I keep it real like that.

There is only one Delilah, no one comes close and there is no comparable I know all about your repressed desires and exactly what makes you tick. Your submission to me is your reward. My passion for controlling men will leave you begging for more. I will use you as a human receptacle, to shine my shoe, get on all fours as my footstool, a piece of furniture, loo-p.otty-dumpster, wallets, janitors and real torture …the list is extensive and I will use my arsenal as I feel is required.. You see, my attitude is all that you’ll ever need. Bossy Delilah will become the root of all your joys and happiness. Serving Bossy Delilah will give your worthless life the purpose you search for. BDSM is in my BLOOD and my blood boils HOT!

My years of practice in intense female domination, deep dark humiliation, degradation, pain and mind games leads my submissives to truly find your soul. I know that inside your submissive mind you have a deeply seated inclination to serve and obey a Boss, a Goddess like me. And trust me, I will mold and manipulate your soul. You will enjoy every punishment I inflict on your withered soul. Whippings and verbal mental torture are always on the menu. You will do your best to please me. I am a World Class Dominatrix, and I will leave you begging for more.

Transformation is your destination.


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