VRXS-071 Scatology Sanction Punishment Drama

VRXS-071 Scatology Shit Sanction Punishment Drama

“Shizuki Consulting Office” is located in the basement of a residential area in Tokyo. Every day, a woman with a traumatic injury visits here for consultation. The content of the consultation is “vengeance”. With the help of the beauty consultant “Iroha Shizuki”, the man who made his life go crazy is sanctioned with “feces”. If you do not complete the revenge menu within the time limit, the miserable appearance will be broadcast live all over the world! Forced face riding, chewing attack, drinking urine, stool coating, coprophagia … A terrifying “feces punishment” that makes you look away. The woman’s revenge is scary.

Cast: Shirai Hitomi, Shizuki Iroha, Oriean, Nichinan Ryou

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