SR092 Women on Toilet Stinky Farts PART-1

SR092 Women spreading their assholes while pooping on toilet. Multiple viewing angles and stinky farts.

Farts and feces accumulated to the point that my belly swelled. Perhaps in order to let out all of that, the women seductively open their beautiful butts with both hands and let out feces.
– The Full Shot placed diagonally upward shows the expression of pleasure and relief as she releases her stool.
– The butt meat near the anus is opened, and the fart and feces are captured as if to provoke with camera directly below the feces.
– By opening the buttocks with those supple fingers, the pink anus contracts and opens during defecation, exposed to the light of day. Large anal angle.
– The trajectory of feces dripping onto the water surface while approaching us is Fallen angel viewing angle.
– A beautiful traditional Japanese defecation pose sitting on a Japanese-style toilet. A dignified view of the back that produces poop from the front. Beautiful back angle.
Please enjoy to your heart’s content this naughty defecation style like no other.



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