SR091 6 Cameras show Girls Farting and Pooping PART-1

SR091 6 Cameras with split screen view captured ecstatic pleasures of big farts and defecations inside womens toilet.

Women straddle the toilet bowl and step on it with the expressions of females drooling in pleasure. As if in sync, the anus contracts, and the moment feces falls from the gaping void into the toilet bowl, the muscles of the whole body relax, and the pleasure substances secreted by the pleasure of the dream leak out.
– The camera placed in front (Full Shot) shows the true appearance of a woman struggling with the pleasure of defecating.
– Camera directly below the stool realistically captures the stool that drips down and the large anus that opens along the shape of the stool.
– Looking up at a woman defecating from the water sealing position in the toilet bowl. Dynamic full shot.
– Furthermore, clearly captured from diagonally in front. Pussy up angle.
– You can admire the anus that repeatedly contracts obscenely as if it has a will, and the anus that expands due to feces. Large anus angle.
– A beautiful traditional Japanese defecation pose sitting on a Japanese-style toilet. Beautiful contrast between the exposed back and feces. Beautiful back angle.
The captivating expressions on their faces, which you can never see right in front of your eyes, are nothing short of ecstasy.



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