SL-617 Unscrupulous Taxi Girls Forced to Urinate PART-5

SL-617 Unscrupulous non-stop taxi. Girls unable to get off and forced to urinate!

Approximately 250,000 units. This number is the number of hire taxis operating all over Japan. Most of them are excellent drivers who safely transport passengers to their destinations, but there are a small number of unscrupulous drivers who fulfill their own personal interests. Due to her “bad luck” of 1 in 250,000, she gets into an unscrupulous taxi, but her luck runs out, and the tire that never stops spinning ends up at a shameful station where she is forced to urinate. No matter how much noise you make or how much you complain about the urge to urinate, no one will hear your screams. Pee is raging in my bladder like gasoline shaking in a tank. In a half-crazy state, she tried her best to hold back, but against her will, she started leaking, and at that moment, her pants got wet, and she reflexively moved her pants, staining the inside of the car with her shameful juices. A bad drive from which you can never escape is a one-way ticket to hell.



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