SL-610 Rushing to Poop while the Movie is Showing PART-1

SL-610 Rushing to poop while the movie is showing.

The most troublesome thing in a movie theater is the physiological phenomenon of the human body, urination and defecation. There are many people who feel uncomfortable in their stomachs even before the screening, and some who experience abdominal pain while watching the movie while snacking on snacks. The urge to defecate reaches its climax in proportion to the excitement of the movie. When this happens, I can’t stay calm and concentrate all my attention on my anal sphincter muscles, tightening my butthole. Despite being held back by the story, I managed to sneak out of the theater and run like a rabbit through the shortest route to the restroom. As soon as she straddles the toilet, she pulls down her panties and let out the poop that has hardened as a side effect of holding back. The relief from the pain was short-lived, and before she could wipe her butt, she made a mad dash to the theater. Please enjoy to your heart’s content the many dramas created by these girls.



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