SL-553 Nude Models Painting Class Public Peeing PART-1

SL-553 Nude models painting class: unbearable pissing urge.

This work is a covert video work aimed at “painting classes” and “in class at an art university” in Tokyo. Since the painter looks at the model and sketches, the drawing model must be stopped for a certain period of time. In a situation where you can’t move at all, you have to endure with dignity no matter what happens. Furthermore, it is the current situation that I can not say that I want to go to the toilet. However, the urge to urinate attacks more with the passage of time as if betraying. She desperately closes her bladder and endures it and tries to run away, but her wish doesn’t reach her and her body reacts as if betraying her will, revealing a waterfall of explosive urine. Some even broke down in tears. For them, it’s a lifetime embarrassment for them to see a grown-up woman urinate in front of other people, but for us, it’s a gem that will definitely make us go crazy.



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