Room Number 3 Dirty 1 Pleasurvation At The Shitz-Carlton Hotel

Scathunter Room Number 3 Dirty 1 Pleasurvation At The Shitz-Carlton Hotel

Welcome back scat lovers and Welcome to your reservation, I mean pleasurvation, at the Shitz-Carlton hotel, room number 3 Dirty 1! Out of all of the movies I have seen thus far, this one has to be the most dirty, and probably the most enjoyable movie yet for me. As some of you know I am bi And what turns me on the most about another woman besides the obvious, is authenticity and sincerity. In this movie Valentina goes all the way, a total home run! She literally let loose and let her wild, dirty side take over, and drive her to a massive messy orgasm!
I absolutely loved how she allowed herself to experience that kind of erotic bliss while the camera was rolling, this one really got me hot! Ok enough of my gloating So the movie appears to open up at a restaurant where she is in deep thought regarding her last experience with scat, and thinking about her next one. She then contacts Mr Cheeks and asks him to meet her at her hotel the Shitz-Carlton, in room number 331…or 3 Dirty 1 LOL. When he gets there he wastes no time worshiping her curves and her thick booty. She is dressed in a super sexy pink dress, with matching pink heels and lavender lingerie.
After he spends some time with his tongue in her asshole, she delivers a big stream, or a flood rather, of her pee. He is then greeted with a nice 5″ inch or so log of her scat directly into his mouth, where she then meets him immediately down below to lick and suck on the turd with him. After they exchange dirty kisses and enjoy some scat mouth play, Valentina then begins to rub her pussy with shit.
She stuffs it into her hole while she uses a vibrator on herself. At the same time Mr Cheeks fills her mouth with shit and commands her to have an orgasm while she devours and sucks on her own shit. She eagerly accepts it into her mouth and continues to savor the taste as she climaxes and has a big shaking orgasm on the table! He also eats her shit covered pussy out, but I think he was just trying to eat more of the shit out of her pussy then anything hehe Her pussy was swollen shut on the inside as she finished up her juicy shitty cum load. She wasn’t done just yet though…She offered up yet another ass goblin for him to orally poach directly from her fat cheeky source He wastes no time chowing down and swallowing whatever was left as she latched onto his nipples and cock for a last sucking…They exchange one last passionate kiss before he explodes his cum all over her shitty asshole. One last question as he wraps it up, how did it taste? Her answer? Delicious. And that is how I would also describe this sexy movie, delicious!
So before I sign off here I just wanted to make a small announcement Mr Cheeks has been working on me for quite sometime lol and I have also had countless messages and emails regarding photos of myself and if I would ever consider trying the fetish… So here it is…I have finally agreed to do a movie with him! Yayyyyyy! I am not exactly sure when it will happen but I also would like you all too know, although I have agreed to a movie it will be him totally receiving my load only lol I will not be going the distance…however I am looking forward to it as well as your awesome feedback! See you all soon!

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