Pushing out logs morning & night!

Pushing out logs morning & night! with DirtyPrincess

These poops were back to back at night and then the next morning!
I start by telling you how long it’s been since I last went. Then I play with my hole a bit but I know I have to pee, so I do so in the toilet with a view of my stream. Then I spread my legs and face you to push out my load. It is a little stubborn to come out at first but once it does. It is a great relief!! I actually get creamy in the process I wipe and then show you the results and examine with you. This one smelled ESPECIALLY bad. Like poison.

The next morning after I take a shower I have to go again! I wink my hole in doggy style for a while before flipping around. I am still dripping wet as a nice soft but wide log spills out of my hole. And once again….. I missed the target and got it on the floor. Oops I pick it up with my hands.
I apologize for using the Tupperware, I thought my custom shippables listing was approved at this time but it wasn’t. So these loads went to waste and were not for sale unfortunately.

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