One day Olga in a diaper Shit Girl

One day Olga in a diaper with ModelNatalya94 [FullHD]

Hello friends and fans. Olga filmed this video all day. Olga decided to make a good present before Christmas for connoisseurs and fans of scat, our fans and fans. In this video Olga is wearing a diaper. Olya decided to devote the whole day to walking around the city. She walked around the city, visited cafes and went there to the toilet. But Olya did not take off her diaper, she defecated every time in the diaper. Olga recorded all this on video and you will see small fragments from her day on this video. Olga went into public toilets twice and took pictures as she walked around the city.
I went to visit friends. And when Olga returned home, she showed you what she had collected in her diaper for the whole day. Each time he became heavier and heavier))) At home, Olga undressed and showed how he sagged, this suggests that he is full. Then Olya took it off and showed that she had been collecting all day! I hope you enjoy her exclusive video and appreciate her efforts. Almost half an hour of amazing shots! Happy viewing!

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