MES021] Shameful Pooping While Being Watched

[MES021] – Embarrassing Defecation – Shameful Pooping While Being Watched

He asks a girl to take a simple picture of her poop. The girl, who felt at ease being alone with the photographer, quickly exposed her lower body and was ready to release her poop at any time. At that moment, they call in the so-called “Gun Watch Squad” who had been hiding, surround the girl, and create a strange situation where they are watching her poop. In this work, the girls are first asked to squeeze out their natural stool. You’ll be thrilled to see her face contorted as she desperately squeezes out the poop. The female age doesn’t end there! ! Immediately insert an enema into the anus and have all the poop remaining in the intestines come out. Be sure to enjoy this work that is sure to fill your stomach as you can enjoy both natural stool and enema stool!



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