Living in the toilet of Mistress Emily

Living in the toilet of Mistress Emily

I trained to toilet slave. I go to the bathroom, and you begins to caress my legs. I lit a cigarette and using your mouth as an ashtray. Sit there and watch me in the toilet. Now lie down on the floor and open your mouth wider. I’m shitting there. Now you must to eat all my shit. You are good toilet slave. Swallow my turd. Now lick my ass and stay here to wait for me until next time. My site gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy a huge collection of videos! Buying a premium you can download any video online. I fill the site every day just for you! Join now! Experience premium features! Welcome!

Tags: Scat, Pissing, Femdom, Scatting Domination, Human Toilet, Shitting, Toilet Slavery

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