I make you eat my shit for Christmas

CHRISTMAS BLACKMAIL (PUKE) I make you eat my shit for Christmas with Ninounini

Everyone is asleep, and you and I meet in the living room. We warm up slowly, and I start teasing you with my heels that you love? You learn something about me; that I like to make love with shit. I caress my breasts in front of you, spit on them, massage them, then it all begins. You will first have to watch me fisting my ass full of shit, to bring out my very dirty hand that I will put in my mouth or in my mouth, and this many times. A huge turd will come out between the fists? I’m starting to be already covered in shit, I get on all fours and continue fisting my ass and sucking my hand full of shit. I then covered my ass with caviar. I will then piss in my shoe, then drin k everything until the last drop, before covering my face, hair and bust with shit?



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