Getting Ready While Pooping Panties [FullHD]

Getting Ready While Pooping Panties [FullHD]

I haven’t showered in days! I’m completely unwashed and stinky, I’m starting to stain my panties…I’m on my period too. I don’t give a fuck! I like my cunt super cheesy…I like that I can rub my fingers on my panties and get a whiff of that strong stink from my rotten cunt. Lick it out! This is the kind of shit you’re into? Licking out my cheesy cunt? You’re grosser than me, you like this shit! I shimmy my panties off and you can see the reddish-brown period blood stains on my white panties. I fart twice in your face with my tampon string dangling in front of you….
You need to lick my cunt out and clean it and then you can lick my asshole out too! I fart two more airy farts in your face..I’m getting your body ready for the true filth that’s gonna come out of me and inside of you…you’re gonna eat my shit! You’re gonna have all my body juices inside of you, you freaky perv. I pull my tampon out and tease you with it, sticking my tongue out and dangling it in front of you telling you to suck on it. You got my cheese on your tongue and now you got my period blood too….you got some farts inside of you, you’re sucking them down…Now Get On Your Knees! I have a big dump to put in your mouth!

I fart loud four times in your mouth my butthole gurgling getting ready for a huge steamy load in your face. My asshole releases an airy fart as the green poo slime worms out of me, and then a HUGE dirty fart bellows out while I get the last of the shit out of me.
I pee a little and tell you to worm your tongue around and taste it….you have my cheesy cunt and shit in your mouth! I wink my asshole and spread my butt cheeks so you get a gorgeous view of my hole smeared with green creamy turds. I keep talking dirty about my gross body and how nasty you are for liking my rotten filth! I stick my middle finger in my butthole and get the creamy shit on my finger and pull it out for you to suck off. I have more nasty shit ready for you…a gallon of oozy vomit inside of me….are you ready for Part Two? This is Part 1 and it features a gorgeous well lit view of my asshole pooping into your mouth, farting in your face, lots of filthy talk and very light period play (pulling out tampon string mildly bloody and blood stains on panties). My site gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy a huge collection of videos! Buying a premium you can download any video online. I fill the site every day just for you! Join now! Experience premium features! Welcome!

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