First Ever Smear in Dirty Diapers [FullHD]

First Ever Smear in Dirty Diapers [FullHD]

First smearing in diapers with poop diaper play and clean up.

No dirty talk, just a camera in my room (amateur style) showing you what I like to do with shit whilst experiencing my first ever poo smear. I do tell you to change me! You weren’t here so I change my own diaper. I also cum before I clean up with shit smeared all over my body. No faking, this is a real orgasm as you can tell. All mine are real which is so easy to do as I get turned on my sitting in my own shit and rubbing my hard pooey diaper against my pussy, which you will see in this vid.

I ran out of wipes whilst cleaning, so I finish by showing you my smelly ass hole.

See me play with my stinky diaper and smear shit on my body after shitting in it earlier. The aftermath – all about getting turned on by the poop play, smearing, visual diaper mess and clean-up.

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