Filth Fetish Studios – MegaScatPack – 46 Sniffing Ass Videos!

Filth Fetish Studios – Toilet slavery MegaScatPack – 46 Sniffing Ass Videos Freeleech!

Asian Goddess Rachel – This Is Where the Paper Goes Part 2 Asian Goddess Rachel is taking her morning bathroom break with slave Jimmy right by her side! she pisses, farts and a bit more while waving the scent over to her slave, training him to the odor! slowly she begins to wipe her front and back, showing it to the camera and then disposing of it in Jimmy’s mouth, but not before rubbing it all over his face! After she bends over the toilet, forcing his face into her ass and FARTING! two of the Farts are loud enough to hear over the bathroom fan!(At the end of the video you can see Jimmy tapping on her leg trying to cut the video, the smell was a bit much! Bossy Leah – A Breath of Fresh Air Do you dream of being under Bossy Leah? Drinking her steaming hot piss? Inhaling all of her sticky hot shit? Well, your dream is about to come true with a direct POV video under her toilet! You get to experience multiple pisses, BIG STINKY FARTS, and a few steaming shits in your mouth! (Leah was a bit constipated during the filming of this video so only the last shit is very big and abundant! the other ones are very rough and gassy! Bossy Leah – Booty Stink POV Bossy Leah is a 20-year-old PRINCESS!

She is the popular girl at school you always WISHED would talk to you! She has an INCREDIBLY important social life so does not show her face in the video! In this video, she uses Jimmy as her toilet for the ENTIRE WEEKEND. It contains FIVE scenes of her peeing, and TWO SHITS one very wet and gross, the other mushy and stinky! it also includes ALOT of wet farts! we are going to have ALOT more content coming so stay tuned! Bossy Leah – Constipation and Tacos Leah doesn’t visit Filth fetish Studios often, but when she does… SHE MAKES AN IMPACT! Jimmy pleads with her not to sit on his face after enjoying A BIG MEAL. She ate a BIG BREAKFAST BLT with a Caesar Salad and all of that is brewing in her stomach and READY TO RELEASE ON JIMMY’S NOSE! Leah PLOPS down in her sweatpants making her seat take DEEP SNIFFS OF HER STINKY BUM! He is already choking, and the farts haven’t even begun! Leah STUFFS HER SWEATY SOCK into Jimmy’s mouth and then TAPES HIS MOUTH SHUT! She strips out of her sweatpants to reveal SEXY PINK LINGERE UNDERNEATHE! There is nothing sexy about what Jimmy is about to experience though! She sits down and begins SMOTHERING HIM WITH HER GAS! The farts are ALL BURNING HOT AND SILENT, Perfect for gassing out her stupid pathetic seat! The video ends with Leah deciding, Jimmy may make a better TOILET THEN A SEAT!
She brings him to the bathroom and UNLOADS A CREAMY PILE OF SHIT ONTO HIS FACE! Jimmy can barely breathe under all the wet crap! Leah is looking for a new full time toilet slave, but be warned, the flavor is bitter and spicy! Bossy Leah – Facesitting and Shitting POV This video contains TWO MESSY DIRTY GASSY SHITS! Heading directly towards your face! Between the shits, you get some AMAZING views of Leah’s big jiggly booty! Don’t MISS A SINGLE DROP Bossy Leah – Pizza Binge and Smother Leah has been REALLY REALLY constipated lately and her poo has been all BLOCKED UP! The video begins with her trying to take a shit on Jimmy’s face, but only managing to squeeze out a few pebbles! Leah STUFFS HERSELF with taco bell, lets it all digest overnight, and then does a BIG MORNING WORKOUT! You get plenty of great POV ass shots as she works up a sweat! The video ends with her POV Releasing her Constipation with a FAT HEAVY LOG right over your face! Bossy Leah – Taco Shits Bossy Leah JUST finished a workout!!!
Her BIG ASS is NICE AND STINKY, perfect for SITTING ON YOUR FACE! She looks down on you with DISGUST before PLOPPING DOWN and smothering you! She is only doing this because you are PAYING HER! So take a BIG SNIFF! Leah removes her SWEATY LEGGINGS with the condition that you will pay her EVEN MORE! You get to DROOL over her JIGGLY PALE ASS CHEEKS before she sits down RIGHT ON YOUR NOSE! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so you better enjoy it! The video ends with her taking a BIG STINKY WET SHIT right on top of your face! Bossy Leah – The Messy Morning The Pizza Binge And Smother series continues with BOSSY LEAH! She has a BIG GREASY PIZZA with BREADSTICKS AND A CINNAMON BUN. She is starving and not willing to share even a CRUMB with her slave! He can smell the pizza though, STRIGHT FROM HER ASS! Leah sits with her full weight, Jimmy’s nose crushed into her ass crack! She wiggles around just a tiny bit giving him only tiny moments for air! The video ends with Leah taking a POINT OF VIEW SHIT right over your face! Bossy Leah – Toilet Box Graduation Bossy Leah LOVES to eat fast food,

Pack Size: 39.8 GB
Number Of Videos: 46



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