Filth Fetish Studios – Eating Shit and Working out

Filth Fetish Studios – Organic Princess Brooke – Eating Shit and Working out

Princess Brooke is always thinking of NEW AND FUN ways to torture and punish her slave! In this video, you get to see her put his strength to the test!

The video begins with Brooke, settling down for a nice dinner, Spicy Samosa Soup while sitting on her slave’s face. The more he struggles, the more she SMOTHERS HIM, cutting off all air! She FARTS down his throat and even make him smell her CHEESY TOES.

Jimmy has to endure two large hot loads of her Piss before she makes him raise his arms, HOLDING HER UP AS SHE SHITS. You can watch it al pile into Jimmy’s mouth as his arms shake and wobble.

The video ends with Princess Brooke, Working out and stretching for you in a PINK LEOTARD and STOCKINGS, showing off her amazing ass. and then using Jimmy one more time. This time she sits on his head sideways, making him catch and eat her shit as it ROLLS DOWN HIS FACE!



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