FF-652 Exciting Pooping with Japanese Girls PART-1

FF-652 Exciting pooping situations with girls speaking various Japanese dialects.

Dialects are words created by the culture and climate of the people living in each region throughout Japan. I feel a sense of freshness and warmth in the unique accents and words that are not found in standard Japanese. It probably brings a sense of nostalgia and a special atmosphere. That’s probably why there are many men who find girls attractive and think that girls who talk about it are cute. However, it is quite difficult to personally go and meet dialect girls from all over the country. This work is a collaboration work between (dialect) and (poop) that was created to fulfill the wishes of Filth users. In addition, she shows her poop in various situations, such as her childhood friend: “It’s been a while! Have you been doing well?”, her boss: “You haven’t been feeling well lately, did something happen?”, and the teacher: “Why don’t you look at your teacher!” You are sure to experience the excitement that you have only ever imagined. Why not find your favorite cute girl?



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