FF-650 A Japanese Woman Leaking Diarrhea PART-1.

FF-650 A Japanese Woman Leaking Diarrhea and Feces on a Crowded Train.

Everyone has probably experienced it at least once. Sudden abdominal pain that attacks anywhere. Still, I have to head to my destination as soon as possible… It was a good idea to board the train at last, but the train was overcrowded with a occupancy rate of 200%! My naive predictions were wrong, and my stomach pain was getting worse, and my anus was twitching every time the train shook or the crowd got crowded. On the train, I feel like I’m dying, unable to move or even go to the toilet, and there’s nothing I can do… Please take a close look at the desperate expression of a woman who has no choice but to look up at the sky and her bulging dirty panties.



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