FF-540 Women leaking poop after unable to reach the office toilet.

FF-540 Women leaking poop after unable to reach the office toilet.

A salesman who works at a dizzying pace every day in order to achieve her sales quota and improve her grades and evaluation. The women who appear in this work are all highly professional women who are able to work, and they are passionately trusted by customers. She has a strong sense of self-esteem and puts work first above all else, which is why she has a habit of enduring the need to put up with things to the extreme during business hours, lowering her priorities and putting them off until later… However, after she endured and endured, there was no question.
Due to the strong defecation urge that makes me think about it, I finally start to excrete, but this is my first business and I don’t know where the toilet is at all, so I’m at a loss. With an anguished expression on her face, she frantically searches for the toilet, but contrary to that feeling, her defecation urge accelerates even further. Finally, the limit is exceeded and the deterrent does not work, and the fecal juice with an odor that bends the nose leaks out from her anus. Many of those who are not found out are found by juniors and sales staff in this work. Please enjoy watching the big blunder of such salesmen.



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