F3-04 Filth of the Amateur woman GET Shit!

F3-04 Filth of the Amateur woman GET Shit! I buy poop Vol,3 Beautiful woman female office worker edition

A pervert who summoned up the courage to call out to a woman in front of a real estate agent, a travel agency, or a woman who was killing time alone and needed money. “Please sell me your pee…” At first, the women were suspicious and disliked with their blunt faces. A woman who has a clear purpose is quick to talk about whether she really needs money, whether she can’t change her back and her stomach, or whether she is quick to divide. Moreover, when the amount of 50 yen per 100g was presented, he was enthusiastic about offering as much as possible. Please take a look at the amount, color, and smell of filth that comes out of the bodies of ordinary women on the street.



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