F28-01 Enema Battle Golden Poo Humiliation

F28-01 Enema Battle Golden Poo Single Match Enema Battle of pain, shame and Humiliation of Amateur Beauties

Believe in your own sphincter muscles and beat the maiden’s will! ! The rules are very simple. The one who can endure for a long time by injecting the enema solution alternately wins. Of course, traps are also prepared because it is not enough to just let time pass and endure the pressing abdominal pain and defecation urge. The penalties such as anal vibs toy and rotor attack are compulsorily made to those who cannot draw a beautiful circle by making the hips swing motion so that the enema works quickly. Stimulation is added one after another to the anus that is endured with an expression of agony with clenched teeth. We recorded the appearance of having reached the limit of endurance and jetting out diarrhea vigorously with two cameras.



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