EE-742 Hidden Camera: Thrilling defecation of Women PART-1

EE-742 Hidden camera: Thrilling defecation of women dressed as men in the men’s restroom.

A camera installed in a certain men’s restroom. The footage shows men who visit the place on a daily basis relieving themselves, but on rare occasions, there is also a video of a woman dressed as a man, a girl dressed as a man, breaking into the building. The women dressed as men timidly enter the men’s restroom and enter the private room so as not to be noticed. Then, she straddled the toilet bowl and began to press hard while suppressing her voice. When I looked at the poop that came out while widening my anus, I could hardly believe that it had come from the body of a small woman who was only dressed as a man. There may be various reasons for the cross-dressing girls who invaded the area, but in this day and age, where LGBT issues are frequently discussed and the lines between men and women are gradually fading, cases like this are not so strange. Maybe not.



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