Eat Nurses Shit From Fishnets [FullHD]

Eat Nurses Shit From Fishnets [FullHD]

Watch me after a long shit tell you i need to unwind… You know what i like right? What i need?
I bend over and show you my white fishnets and spread my arse and tell you to sniff and lick my stinky bumhole…. Come on Sniff It!

Smells Dirty Right? Well I have something inside waiting for you… I dont just want you to sniff my asshole i want you eating from it too.

I make you stroke while you watch me push out a big load of shit into my fishnets you watch as the shit oozes through the holes of my tights…

I peel them off anf show you the load before telling you i want you to eat it! Want you smear it on that hard dick, Hold it inside your mouth and when you shoot that load i want you to swollow……..

Are You Ready?

I Say Name In This

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