Black boots standing shit over you

Black boots standing shit over you with TinaAmazon

Wearing my sexy black shiny thigh high boots I want you to worship your perfect mistress. Be a good slave and eat all my shit. I take a huge shit over your face.

This is def a case where the video description along with the preview gif sold me buying this clip. I absolutely love POV clips like this where a fine lady like Tina isn’t afraid to just let it all out over the viewers face (the cam) I know some models are afraid of potentially messing up their equipment (which is valid) which usually means clips like these are unfortunately uncommon. Regardless, very hot clip! Wish it was a tad longer, like maybe letting that turd that blocked out the view marinate on our face longer while talking shit or encouraging us to eat so we can see. Again, because of the length I did have to work myself up before watching this clip but once I did it was a wrap, left drained and slept happily. Would recommend if you don’t mind doing the same.

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