[ACZD-003] Amaenbo Diaper Experience Date

[ACZD-003] Amaenbo Diaper Experience Date Shit Girl Sanwa Shuppan

Mirakanon is a girl who is curious about metamorphosis from hard to soft. She seems to love leaking (poop, pee), which is especially stinky and embarrassing, and wearing diapers like a child even though she is an adult female.
This time, I had a date with my diaper dad because I planned to arouse the shame of Kanon-chan as much as possible.
After all, diapers and leaks are embarrassing!
However, Kanon-chan, who loves peeing and diapers, can’t hide how happy she is no matter what she does.
The painful and miserable thing seems to amplify her joy.
Even so, if you are kindly tampered with by your dad, it seems that the natural masochistic sweetness will gradually spring up.
After injecting a large amount of lukewarm water with Ilrigator and finally leaking a poop to a paper diaper, it seems like she appeals with her moist eyes while being taken care of by her dad’s dirty ass and genitals. It was her diaper that showed her gesture.
[Amaenbo Education Promotion Association Representative, Taro Okazaki]

[This diaper experience date plan]
Cloth diaper wearing → Cloth diaper poop leaking → Cloth diaper outdoor diaper leaking → Assembled paper diaper wearing → Paper diaper pee excretion → Ichijiku enema insertion → Paper diaper wearing → Outdoor walk (Unko leaking) → Pants type paper diaper peeing → Il rigger Mass injection → Mass urination & defecation (roof) with pants-type paper diapers → Leakage of enema stool even when the diaper is open → Cleaning up & cloth diaper cover.

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