[ACZD-002] Shame Examination Room Mako Maeda gynecological chair

[ACZD-002] Shame Examination Room Mako Maeda gynecological chair

Mako, a female patient who has been in the hospital for a long time, complained of sudden abdominal pain, so she decided to call her to the doctor’s office for an examination. As a result of her palpation, her stool was stiff in the intestines, but her constipation was 2 days, so she tried natural defecation by anal massage instead of enema. She opens the anus with an anoscopy to check the condition inside the rectum, and cleans the inner wall of the rectum with a cotton ball to encourage stool. Resident Yagami, who can diagnose the health of her stool by taste, puts the stool mass excreted in her simple toilet bowl in her mouth in front of her. Mako makes her eyes round to the astonishing sight. Yagami also encouraged her to chew her stool.
While waiting for her excrement test results, she disinfects her genitals and anus. Thorough cleaning of her female genitals with her cotton ball causes viscous fluids to spill out of her vagina one after another. She just inserts her finger into the vagina and examines the condition of her vagina. At the same time, Yagami inserts a finger into the anus and performs a rectal pelvic examination, and Mako cannot suppress the sexual reaction in the two-hole simultaneous pelvic examination. Expansion devices are inserted one after another, and the anus of Mako is surely expanded. The nurse’s fingers inserted into her anus grow and eventually expand to stir the rectum with her hands.
Mako, sitting on her gynecological examination table with open legs, continues to undergo dilation of her anus. The hands of the nurse wearing her long gloves expand the anus beyond the limits of the mako. When her nurse’s wrist is sucked into the rectum, she finishes her dilation and moves on to intestinal lavage. Fill 1000 ㏄ of Ilrigator with lukewarm water and inject it into the rectum using the pressure due to the height difference. The anus expanded with her fist cannot suppress the force to excrete, and even during the injection, it leaks from the anus with intense flatulence. By repeating this multiple times, a large amount of fecal impaction was excreted from the body of the mako.

[ACZD-002] 羞恥の診察室 前多まこ


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