3 Shit for Freeze Vol.3 [FullHD]

3 Shit for Freeze Vol.3 with Anna Coprofield [FullHD]

Finally I finished to collect and freezing shit for a new video with filled pussy. This is the last 3 shit, the previous parts you can see here:
My first shit was soft and easy to get out. But the second shit was very solid (it was unusual for me, you know)so I fucked my ass with my fingers for a long time to help shit go out. The third shit I did right on the plate at the personal request of one sweet guy 😉 A big pile of soft shit came out pretty quickly!
The first 2 servings of shit I put in plastic bags but the last shit left in the plate. Now all 9 servings of shit are stored in the freezer and waiting for my pussy…Enjoy!

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