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Yana dirty her panties with ModelNatalya94 [FullHD / 2020]

Yana dirty her panties with ModelNatalya94 [FullHD / 2020]

Hi my dear friends. In this video, I got my panties dirty. I laid out panties on the table and in front of you I chose two pairs that I would dirty. I showed each pair to the camera and showed which I chose. Then I put on the first pair, green. I masturbated through my panties my clitoris, brought myself to orgasm and squirt, I peed in panties. There was a lot of urine and she remained on the table on which I was sitting.
Then I took off my panties and put urine on a table in a puddle so that they would be saturated with urine. Then I put on my second panties, blue, sat on the table. I picked up green panties, they were wet and I squeezed urine into my mouth. A blue panties I stained in shit. I didn’t give a shit about my underpants and showed you a lot of shit in my panties. Then I put them on and sat on the table. The poop was spread over my pope when I sat down on the table.

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