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White Leggings Diarrhea OnlyFans Poop

White Leggings Diarrhea – Anna Coprofield

I’m full of shit and my belly is bloated. I pull my leggings up and piss a lot so that they become almost transparent and you can perfectly see how I shit in them. My shit is very liquid and easily flows through leggings(Over the past 2 days I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables apparently that’s why I have diarrhea and shit contains a lot of undigested food pieces and seeds.
I want to fuck my ass with my biggest toy to get more shit , but I do it very gently and slowly so as not to damage my asshole with shitty seeds. I fuck my pussy with dirty toy also and… I was not going to do this, but I really wanted to fill the pussy with shit at least once so i do it. I smear shit, make my leggings dirty…

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