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The paris chair video with kinkycat [FullHD]

The paris chair video with kinkycat [FullHD]

Hi there, Still in Paris enjoying myself. I had a massive breakfast … eggs, bacon, bread, yogourt and many more. Felt happy, full, had a food baby and food come to be honest but but but ( yeah the focus will be my butt lol ) all those delicious goodies had to come out pretty quick after the breakfast. So I decided to take this plastic chair in my hotel bedroom and make A TOTAL MESS OF IT! Regular chair becomes a sexy chair! Totally naked in the shower, I pose and take a good poop in it. Then I pick up my poop and smear it all over my buttcheeks. I really really rub my butt all over the chair to make sure it goes everywhere on my booty. If the hotel only knew what I did with that chair. Crazy scaty and fun time.

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