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SL-563 No time to poop!

SL-563 No time to poop! Super busy office ladies trying to prioritize their work over defecation.

Extremely busy OLs are immersed in work almost every day and devote themselves to their work to the point of sacrificing much of their private lives, and are what is called workaholics. They cut down on their time outside of work in every way possible, and devote themselves to work day and night. It’s time to poop! I didn’t even have time to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t care about such things, and the intense urge to defecate attacked my abdomen. The overwhelming defecation urge that stands in the way of the girls who continue to be chased by hard work is broken through with a wide variety of skills. Some people continue to work in the toilet, some leak at the work site, and they give up work and go to the toilet because they are prepared to get fired. Such as those who run in. The poop of super-busy office workers who keep prioritizing their work over the toilet and finally reach the pinnacle of patience is astonishingly hard, thick and long than any other poop. Please enjoy the intense pooping time during the super hard work.


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