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SL-559 Explosive diarrhea and odorous toilet.

SL-559 Explosive diarrhea and odorous toilet releases by gorgeous office ladies.

This covert footage captures the whole story of the tragic end of the OLs who got angry while on duty. While doing business as usual, I felt a gradual pain in my abdomen. Although she endures it for a while in the hope that it will subside soon, gas accumulates with the pain and the abdomen and anus are violently pressed. It’s dangerous… let’s go! Although she rushes to the toilet in a hurry, she cannot reach the toilet bowl and throws a large amount of diarrhea. The floor was covered in feces, and the walls were dripping with diarrhea and intestinal juices. A picture of hell of shame that there are people nearby. I hid my voice so as not to hear the embarrassing sound of excretion any more, and tried to make as little noise as possible, but boooooo. I can’t stop farting! There are also those who discharge residual feces along with farts. Please enjoy!


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