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SL-507 Japan Bikini Models Pissed.

SL-507 Gals bikini models got their drinks mixed with diuretic before shooting.

A photo session of a gravure model held in a dedicated photo studio. Infiltrate there. The model waiting in the dressing room had spare time or was lonely, or she drank drinking water containing a diuretic. When she changed into a swimsuit suit and started shooting, she gradually got urged to urinate. Her body quivered, and she was a model woman with a painful expression of patience. She said “I want to go to the bathroom”, but the cameraman was in charge of saying that she can’t.
As soon as she was told that the shooting was over, she dashed to the toilet! The moment she got to the toilet seat, she moved the swimsuit away and continued to sprout a large amount of urine on the toilet bowl. Beautiful and erotic, cute in the swimsuit. Enjoy the climax with a large amount of urine many times.


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