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SL-405 Dynamic Urination inside the Sauna.

SL-405 Sweating, hot naked female bodies! “Wet woman’s” rush to the toilet and dynamic urination inside the sauna.

A public hot spring facility is a paradise for naked women. Young women entering the sauna due to the recent health boom such as detoxification and shape-up. Sweat that runs down many lines on fine skin over time. By increasing metabolism, urinary motivation is also promoted, and the body is gradually twisted. The bladder is on the verge of rupture when you sweat enough and try to leave the room. As soon as I rushed into the toilet and closed the door in a hurry, the pee jumped out of the urethra, and I was out of breath and urinate. The urination of the “wet woman” who does not have a single thread, such as bouncing boobs and sweaty pussy, is beautiful.


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