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SL-308 Hidden Footage at the Water Samples Tasting and Pee Girls

SL-308 Hidden footage at the water samples tasting. Mixed diuretics makes girls wet themselves and then pee while holding the toilet door with a broken lock.

You can sample juices, cup noodles, desserts, etc. before the release, answer questionnaires, and receive rewards for it. The whole story recorded in this work is a monitor of water drinking, but they do not know that diuretics are installed! The staff urged me to rush the water called the sample, and I drank many glasses. When I notice it, my urge to urinate increases, but It is not allowed to go to the toilet. It is a blunder that the warm pee is leaked from when she reached her limit. The toilet that at the end was a devilish design that could not be locked and opens, and after thinking a bit, she holds the door by hand and stands while pissing vigorously. (featuring 18 women)


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