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Shitting for my teacher and a finger in the ass

Shitting for my teacher NewMFX

Saori has a student at her class that is show off and is telling everybody this teacher’s deepest secret: she likes to eat scat. On today’s class, it’s time to punish this reckless girl. Saori obligates her to smoke a cigarette, throwing the ashes on her face and right after that, she reveals a dildo she will be wearing to torment Isabel. The teacher fucks the student with the toy, also obligating her to suck it.
Besides having her ass licked by the teacher, when the girl thinks that her suffering is over, Saori makes her piss and shit so she can eat it all and share some with Isabel. Little pieces of scat being shared between these two hot ladies, while one of them is enjoying and the other one hates every minute of it. Who told her to be a reckless girl? At least now she has learned her shitty lesson!

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