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Shit Where I Eat At Ebony Poop

Brownsensations – Shit Where I Eat At

That saying don’t shit where you eat at surely doesn’t apply to me. I did just that in this video. You can see me shitting and pissing on the kitchen island where some people prepare their foods or have dinner. I even had to make sure it was all out by fucking my ass with my toy to open me up so it can continue to pour out my ass. I shit all over the kitchen floor with a massive stream of diarrhea where most people would be making their meals at, you’ll definitely hear me farting it right out of my gassy ass. I shit on the pullout table which is usually used to eat dinner in front of the tv, nope…. That’s where i drop my huge creamy pals of shit. I even added a bonus scene with me sharting all on the toilet, that’s going to be messy to clean lol.

Get the video lots of shit sexy feet soles and ass makes my dick go crazy.

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