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Shit on your face [FullHD / 2020]

Shit on your face [FullHD / 2020]

Jaque didn’t clean the house… Again! Isabel won’t allow this, and will punish her. Jaque has to clean the sole of Isabel’s shoes with her tongue, and then immediately use her mouth to caress the blonde’s feet too, which makes her suck each finger with pleasure. When she shows disgust, Isabel decides to make things worse: Jaque will now lick her ass and pussy.
The slave does a bad job again and Isabel decides it’s time to give the worst punishment: eat shit! With gooey and very brown diarrhea, Isabel shits in Jaque’s face, letting small pieces fall to the floor, in addition to jets of piss that are also directed at the slave’s mouth. The scat gets spread across Jaque’s body and face, as well as being chewed and eaten by the slave, who doesn’t even have the right to complain!

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