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Shit Dessert for Darlings

Shit Dessert for Darlings with ElenaToilet Panty Girl [FullHD]

I start touching myself through my panties as I mull over whether or not I should reward you for being such a good slave lately. I let you watch as I finger my wet swollen cunt – you like watching that, don’t you? You really like best is my toy going in my ass too? Don’t you wish these fingers were your, inside me, tasting me – that this toy was your dick? You don’t even deserve to see me cum, stupid slave!
In fact, I know what you really like best is my thick smelly shit, this beautiful ass is beyond you too, loser. I’ve got your “reward” for you right here! Sniff it, breathe my stinking shit, loser. You’re getting my mercy, really. My shit is really big, next time you disobey me I’ll do more than just make you sniff it, I’ll сram it down your throat and make you eat it all!

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