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She eat shit husband, asks be my toilet with Mistress Natalia Kapretti [FullHD]

She eat shit husband, asks be my toilet with Mistress Natalia Kapretti [FullHD]

Recently, married couple wrote to me, they have watched lot of my films, it excites them, turns them on, kindles desire. They want to be my slaves, and girl wants to be my toilet, toilet slave girl. Looking at my films, she gradually began to taste the shit, play with it, smear, lick and take it in her mouth. She wants, strive to develop and be my toilet. Playing with herself and fantasizing, she imagines how she will be under me, how she will open her mouth and warm, smelly shit will go right into her mouth, curl up on her face and form big pile of shit.
She happily and enthusiastically digs her husband’s ass, takes out the shit from it and smears her face, licks and sucks dirty fingers. And in fit of passion, smearing shit on cock of her beloved, sucks his dirty cock, licks shit off it. She’s dirty girl, she has potential. I think I’m going to let them become my slaves. I allows fulfill this insatiable girl’s dream and she become my living toilet bowl, she be eat my shit.

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