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Secret Poop Full House Dirty Enema 💩

Secret Poop Full House with Brandy_Portland [FullHD]

My flat mate had friends over so had to be sneaky very sneaky. I had been holding my shit in for 2 days and now it was time. So I thought to myself how can I get away with doing a video.
I felt the pressure of a big poop building up. I must say it turned me on knowing that I had to poop and I was going to shoot a vid with all these people here. Some I didn’t know at all.
So I got up from the sofa casually saying that I was going to have a shower. As I closed the bathroom door I started filming. I turn on the shower and try not to make any suspicious noises.
I strain for a while while my rose opens an reveals what is inside me begging to come out. This was tough I had to grip the shower rail and really bear down.
Finally to my relief I felt something move so I kept on pushing until all my turds were on in bath.
I got a cup that my flat mate drinks from regularly and used it to scoop up and have a little play with my poop before finally ending in the toilet.
Then enema time.

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